Akers Cemetery

                                                         Founded In 1860 Source Below  


There are typical old types of markers here, Old are along the road. At the time I was taken with the Arch like Monument Pictured Below, I visited this cemetery in 2011 in June.  It was a standard old cemetery, I was also taken with some of the more unusual new markers. I usually  avoid these as
I don't find them very interesting, its just how I am. 
Marker Of Joel D. Helvey (1867-1883) 16 Years old

 I found an article on the First source listed below for old cemetery that might have been moved to akers sometime in the 1960s. I could find nothing on it, but I am thinking that it was eventually moved when the land sold.  I also could not find much history On akers cemetery either. Will keep looking for more information on that subject.

Other Markers of Interest are the one below of a mother and child, I could find no name on it. Another object of interest was an angel statue towards the middle of the cemetery. Below are other various pictures as well that Must have caught my eye at the time, sometimes I take the pictures and forget what was so awesome or amazing about them, sometimes I remember.
Old roadside tombstone

Beautiful Memorial For Sarah Leake, A young girl of 15 years old. I could find no more information on her. A link to her find a Grave is Down below in sources.
As You can see I had to photograph her angel several times, it was really captivating.

Other Angels found around the cemetery, including the other one I found in the middle. Above an interesting draped marker, draping being a common symbol of mourning!!

                                                                    Sources and Websites
Aker Historical Information (http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~txgrayso/AkersCemetery/AkersCemetery.html)

Akers Cemeteries of Texas Listing Click Here
Akers Find a Grave MainPage Click Here
Billion Graves For Akers Click Here
To visit to Find A grave for Joel Helvey click here ( I am no relation, i was just taken by his wonderful marker those years ago. (the arched marker, first picture)
For Sarah Leakes Find a Grave Click Here
Picture Credit-All pictures taken and owned by me LaCinda russell

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