Alexander Cemetery

Alexander Cemetery is located near Anna Texas off of Cr 288 in Collin county.

Alexander cemetery was founded in 1890 or so, the earliest grave in this cemetery is that of a William Alexander in 1855 according to the book I have about all the cemeteries of Collin county, but upon looking on Find a grave his stone reads 1858. so those dates dispute. The cemetery is fenced in and Cr 288 ends right at it. Towards the center middle is a giant Bush tree like thing. I have been told by another cemetery enthusiast friend that within this giant bush lies snakes and two graves, to avoid it. Personally this bush thing has always kinda bothered me when I was out there alone. The over all tone or word I would use to describe this cemetery is one of pleasant yet tinged with creepy at times.I always  felt like I was being watched by someone close by, sounds crazy but sometimes cemeteries have their creepy spots and places, that alone does not make a whole cemetery haunted. I experienced it twice, once a feeling of unease when I got close and second all out dread the second time I went near it. But it may just have been me. I would recommend it to anyone likes small town cemeteries.  Another thing to add to the creepy factor is there is supposed to have been suicides in this cemetery in recent years between 2009-2014.  I cannot confirm if this events did indeed take place.I think its all here say.
Alexander also hosts Oak trees planted their by the original settlers who owned the land way back when.  A more pleasant aspect to the cemetery is the plethora of old stones it has.  Many new and old stones there have an unusual array of quaint epitaphs too. This is also the first cemetery where I saw a dead goose on a child's grave, since then I have only seen one other on a grave. I found its meaning once before but I forget what it means.  Theres nothing I warn against when going to this cemetery, its down a public road, A rock road at that so take it slow. Snakes and bugs are a factor in the summer.  All in all it has some interesting stones, like the dead goose, some older stones,  some interesting epitahs  on stones. It also has your run of the mill stones with lambs, hands pointing up and tree stump tombstones. Though the center bush is unnerving at times, the whole cemetery is pleasant to be at. The old trees are ancient near the front and they do creek and groan which is errie at times but all in all this cemetery is not scary at all. I have been several times and will go back again to get better pictures.Also under sources click on the link for Mary Hayes whose tombstone ended up in an empty lot next to a texas university somehow and was finally brought back to Alexander cemetery after research. It will take you to her find a grave!!!

In the back right hand side of this one you can see the giant bush/ tree that was so unnerving to me.

Ancient tree near the older section of the cemetery.

First Source- Google Maps
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